Friday, 6 September 2013

Lined tote bag with boxed corners

Gather your supplies

You will need to pieces of fabric.  One for the outside of your bag and one for the liner.  Both pieces should be cut to 29x16inches.
You will also need to cut 4 pieces to 3by32 inches.

Sewing the lining

Fold the lining fabric in half length ways.
If using a patterned lining fabric the faces should be inside and facing each other.
Sew down both sides of the lining.  Remember to reverse stitch at the beginning.
I like to use the edge of my sewing foot as a guide. 

 At the bottom of the lining cut out a square from each corner that measures 1.75 inches on each side.

 To get the boxed shape, pull the crease from the fold up towards the side seam 
Pin in place.

Sew along the edge to closed the hole you created.
Put in extra stitches at the start and finish.

That is your first box corner completed. 
Repeat for the other bottom corner.

 Sew the outside of the bag

Fold fabric in half with front sides facing each other.
Sew side seams.
Make boxed corners.

Make the shoulder straps

 Take 2 pieces and sew along the long sides.
Turn inside out so the seams are now inside and iron.
Repeat for the other strap.

Attach the straps to the bag

Turn the outside section of the bag so it is facing the "right" way.
Pin the straps to the outer bag Make sure the straps are facing down.
Mine were pinned so the center of the straps were 3 inches from the sides.
Make sure the straps are not twisted and are sitting straight.

Sew each strap.
 Remember to remove the pins as you are sewing.

Sew together the outer and the lining

 Fold over 1/2 inch at the top of the outer section and iron flat.

 Fold over 1/2 inch at the top of the outer section and iron flat.

place your bag lining inside the outer.
Line up the folded top edges and pin in place.
I like to line up the side seams and pin those together first.

 Sew a row of stitching around the top of the bag.

Admire the finished bag 

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