Thursday, 26 September 2013

Bandana bib with pdf pattern

Lets get started!

Print and cut out the pdf pattern (click here) for the bandana bib.
Use the pattern to create a cotton top piece and a microfibre fleece backing.

Layer your pieces

Place your fleece right side up.
Place your cotton on top right side facing down.
Pin together both layers.

Start sewing

Start sewing half way down one of the lower sides of the bib.
Sew a continuous line all the way around the bib.
Stop sewing approximately 2 inches before you started, to leave a gap.
Remember to add reverse stitching at the start and finish.

Carefully trim away the excess fabric at the point of the bib.
Cut close to the stitching. But, be careful not to cut the sttiches.

Finishing details

Using the gap you left earlier pull the bib through the hole to get it the right way round.
Iron the bib flat making sure that where the gap has a nice finish.

Top stitch around the entire bib.
I like to use the needle in the right hand position and the use the edge as a guide.

Add Closures

I like to use Kam snaps.
You can use velcro if you want to.

Please note that this tutorial is for personal use only. If you wish to use our pattern to make bibs to sell at craft fayres, on-line or via any retail outlet you will need to purchase a license from us.  

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