Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lined pouch with top zip.

Lets get started!

You will need:
- 2 pieces of lining fabric cut to 8x6 inches.
- 2 pieces of patterned fabric for the outer cut to 8x 6 inches
- 1 8 inch zip
- 2 pieces for the zip tabs cut to 3x1.5 inches.

You can use a scissors. But, I like the rotary cutter. It is quicker and easier.

Prepare the flaps

Fold in each of the short sides by 1/4 inch and iron.
Fold in half and iron again

Sew on the "flaps"

Place the zip inside the flaps so the end touches the crease.
This should cover the metal parts of the zip and give you enough space to sew safely. 
Sew a row of stitches as close to the edge of the fabric as you can.
Repeat at the other end of the zip.

Sew on first side of zip

Place the lining fabric (face down if patterned) in front of you.
Lay the zip on top face up.  Make sure it is half open!
Next place your patterned outer piece face down. 
The edges of the fabric should be lined up with the top of the zip.
Pin in place.

Using a zipper foot sew start at the left hand side sew all the way across, reverse stitching at the start and finish.
If you have never used a zipper foot before, line the right side of the foot with the edge of the zip. The left side of the foot will rest on the teeth of the zip. The needle will be quite close to the zip. Sew until you are approaching the zip pull.  Stop. Make sure your needle is fully down and then lift the foot up. Gently move the zip pull past your needle then lower your foot and continue sewing.  Don't worry if it's not perfect the first time round. It does get easier with practice, I promise!

When you have finished attaching the zip place the liner and outer fabric the right way round.
Iron along the folds. 

Attach fabrics to the other side of the zip

Place your lining fabric down (face down if patterned).
Place the zip and fabric from last step face up on top.
Place your other lining fabric face down on top.  
If you have done this correctly the two patterned pieces will be facing each other.
Pin in place so the top edge of the zip, lining and patterned fabrics are all lined up.

Make sure the zip is half open.
Using the same process as you just did sew a line all the way across from the left to the right.

Top stitching

Open the pouch so that the patterned outer is facing up and both liners are facing down.
Pulling gently on the fabric pieces, iron along the folds.

Top stitching is adding an extra row of stitches for decorative purposes,  
When used alongside a zip they also add strength to the finished product and stop the fabric getting caught in the zip.
I like to use stitch length 3 to top stitch and I use the zipper foot. It's still on the machine and it gives you more space to see where the seam lies.
Just like when you added the zip you will need to make sure the zip is half open before you start and then move the zip pull past the needle whilst sewing

Making the pouch

Open your zip half way.
Pull the lining fabric to one side of the zip and pull the patterned outer to one side.
Pin at the corners.
Make sure that the zip folds towards the outside pieces and pin in place.

Sew around all 4 sides leaving a 2 inch gap in the lining.
Trim excess fabric from the corners.
This will give you nice sharp corners. Be careful not to cut the stitching.
Pull your pouch through the gap in the liner so it is all the right way round.  

Sew the gap in the lining closed.

Admire the finished product!

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